God Elf Us!

2018-12-23T10:24:03+00:00December, 2018|

Approximately 2 months ago, finally realising that his Hobbit days were over, Gimli son of Glóin wandered into our offices stating that he fancied a career change and did we have any Viking roles going?!?

“We’re a construction company son” we retorted.  “How do you fancy being Head Buyer and if it helps a little, to give you a bit of an Icelandic feel, you can go by the name of Carl Sigsworth if you like.  What do you think?  Just smarten yourself up a tad and get to grips with your new uniform is all”.

“Hammer and tongs! I am so torn between rage and joy, that if I do not burst, it will be a marvel!” exclaimed an emotional Carl.

Come the 21st December 2018 and this is how the lad repays us!!

Kudos Carl, kudos, we’ll give you that!

A very Merry Christmas to all.